Books have the power to change lives

We send books to incarcerated New Yorkers who can't afford them.

Our Mission

We send free reading materials to indigent, incarcerated New Yorkers, supporting the literacy, self-empowerment, and imagination of some of our most disenfranchised community members.

Our Process

How it works

1. We receive requests

Some requests come from family members and our legal team. Most requests come from incarcerated people themselves!

Stacks of letters from incarcerated people.
A bookshelf.

2. We fulfill requests

We fulfill genre requests with our diverse inventory stocked by book donations. We purchase books to fulfill specific requests within our budget, made possible by generous financial donations. If a title exceeds our per-book budget, we put it on our wishlist.

3. We send books

We package and send every book personally and in accordance with each prison’s rules and regulations.

A cart full of packaged books going out to clients.
A jail cell.

4. Incarcerated people get books!

Books are theirs to keep forever or to share!

What we do

Our Impact


Books sent to incarcerated people since 2016.


Prisons and jails served in New York State.