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Who do we serve?

We send books to indigent individuals incarcerated in New York jails and prisons. Initially limited to CAL’s clients, BBB now sends reading materials to clients of Appellate Advocates and the Office of the Appellate Defender, thereby reaching individuals convicted in criminal courts in all five boroughs. As our program grows, we continue to receive more and more letters from inmates who have heard about the program from cellmates and friends.

Most BBB participants will return to New York City after their release and perform essential jobs as bus drivers, grocery clerks, electricians, and more. They will continue to contribute to the diversity, culture, music, energy, inspiration, art, and more that makes New York City so special. It is important that they have the tools for re-integration: We hope that our program can, at least in some small measure, advance them towards that aim.

Client feedback


Feedback from clients has been universally positive. Read what some of them have to say about us:

"Thank you very much for being there for me. You show that people out there really care about us."

BBB Participant

"I have finally passed the essay part of the TASC test and now have my GED. The work book you send me helped very much."

BBB Client

"Received the book "Photographing New York City" by Jeremy Pollack + Andy Williams.

What a great find! I thank you very much. You and the whole team at BBB. I'm very grateful for both your generosity and your thoughts, and I will be sure to let others take a peek at New York City. I don't believe many of these guys truly appreciate how beautiful and historic New York City really is and how many interesting places there are right before their eyes, but they New Yorkers—always in a rush!"

BBB Client

"We are going through a lockdown due to a COVID-19 outbreak ... Reading books is my way of coping with [these] very difficult times.

BBB Client

"I'm just still a bit nervous ... at the same time I know that it's a lot of doors open for me, [I] just have to take advantage of them."

BBB Client

"A friend of mine got a book from you guys on "how to draw" and he's been at peace ever since. I've always wanted to learn to draw and kind of envy his tranquility since he's received your book. ... Bless you all @ Books Beyond Bars!"

BBB Client, Auburn Correctional Facility